Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unbelievable fairy capture on camera!

As we are growing up, we are opened up with the stories of fairies and other mythical creatures. But no proof was ever there to show that these creatures really does exist.

But a 42 year old mother from Towcester, Northampton in England named Lisa Wildgoose claims that she had captured a photo that could be an evidence of the fairies that she believes in.

A photo of a flower with an interesting small detail on the left hand corner was capture by the woman while she was viewing the photos that she had taken in Bluebell Woods.

When she was still little and still taking up classes in school she remembered being a fan of fairies especially 'Tinkerbell' which was her favorite movie.

At first she thought that it was just a fly but when she showed it to her 5 year old twind daughters, they both agreed that it is in fact a fairy.

 “They don't have to try and convince me. In their mind, their mum has always believed in fairies. They have often asked me if I believe and I always tell them I do — I suppose it's just the little girl in me that would love it to be true.” Lisa said.

Lisa Wildgoose is a professional photographer and she knew that this winged creature with legs like a fairy is not like the other insects that she had capture before.

Source: Dailymail

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