Friday, July 10, 2015

Truth Behind the alleged scandal of Andrea Brillantes revealed!

Netizens had been gushing about the recent video of a girl. The video shows a girl playing with her genitals. According to some netizens it was actually the child star, Andrea Brillantes. But it is still unclear if it is Andrea or some other girl. 

Even if the majority of the Netizens claim that it is really Andrea Brillantes, you should still stop spreading the video because it will really affect the kid. Take note, she's just 12 years old, if you can't respect her as a girl then just at least respect her as a human. 

And also, some netizens are doing everything they can just to prove that it was really Andrea. They posted a screen grab from the video and a screen grab of a photo from  Andrea's Instagram which showed same place/room. Some also posted a photo of Andrea showing that the bed sheet from the video and from her photo is the same.

Now, netizens are arguing and telling each other that it wasn't Andrea Brillantes but her older sister. Bucause of so much curiosity, the netizens must have stalked Andrea's Instagram account and found a photo of Andrea and her sister who looks exactly just like her!

What made the netizens' suspicion stronger is when they saw the photo of Andrea with her sister wearing a black bracelet together with her black nails which are exactly the same that was in the video.

Netizens believe that there's a big possibility that it was really not Andrea Brillantes! 

Source: Coolbuster

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