Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tragic death of a mother after saving her son from being trapped in an escalator!

Mother's are known to be the best doctors of their children. They provide the best care for their children. They are even willing to do anything and everything just to make sure that their children are safe. 

This video will show you what unconditional love really means! 

In this video, a Chinese mother named Xiang Liujuan and her young son Tongtong was seen using an escalator in AZG Mall. Xiang Liujuan was guiding her son to carefully step off the escalator when it suddenly collapsed! 

Despite the fact that they are in a life and death situation, she still managed to save her son by pushing her to the two salesladies. 

The female employees, even tried to help her, but they failed. The rescuers claimed that it took them four hours to free her, but she's already lifeless! 

Source: Vento Dari

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