Sunday, July 5, 2015

Disturbing video of teenagers using marijuana for own benefits goes viral on different social media.

We now for a fact that marijuana have lots of benefits especially when it comes to herbal medicines, marijuana is often used as an herbal treatment for some ailments in some countries. But some governments wanted to ban marijuana because of its illegal usage.

In this footage, you can clearly see a group of teenagers who have small bags of marijuana in their hands. They are using the marijuana illegally, they aren't using it for medical purposes but for their own benefit. They wanted to feel high that's why they tried smoking weeds. The tube were they put the marijuana transfers from one hand to another, as if they're giving other people a chance to feel high. 

What made this video even worse is that you can clearly see in the video that there's a handgun placed on the floor. I mean, what was that for? Do you really need a gun while smoking marijuana? 

This video is now circulating in different social media which will be used to catch the attention of the governments and also the parents of the teens involved in this video.

Source: Even Demata

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