Friday, July 10, 2015

He promised to give his father a home. What he did will definitely make you cry!

As time flies, our parents gets older and at the same time, weaker. Because of that most children had already decided to bring their parents to some sort of a nursing home where their parents will be taken care.

That's the sad truth. But then, a home isn't just a place where you'll be spending your night. Home is a place where you can feel the love of a family.

This video shows an old sick man who ended up being taken care of by his son's wife. But then it seems that the wife of his son can't take it anymore so his son quit his job to claim the most important job, a son.

It seems that they were all losing patience in taking care of the old man, but then this son didn't gave up. He showed his father what it feels like to be home. He showed him the true meaning of having a home.

Warning, this video will definitely make you cry. You better prepare your tissues! 

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