Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A skateboard star disguised as an 80-year-old man and went skateboarding at the park. Their reactions? HILARIOUS!

We've seen lots of old people doing some sports where teens rule. But can you ever imagine your 80-year-old grandfather skateboarding at the park? 

A 20-year-old skateboard star named Danny Leon dressed up as an 80-year-old man. He put on lots of prosthetic and make up on his face for him to achieve the 80-year-old look. 

After the magical transformation, Danny then went to the park, specifically in the place where young people were skateboarding. He then tried riding a skateboard. 

Are you wondering how the people around him reacted? As he claims the skateboard, everyone was cheering for him. Their jaws dropped when the "Old Danny" showed off his skateboarding skills! 

Everyone was really stunned! I mean, if I was in their position, I would really be surprise, imagine, an 80-year-old man doing some sick skateboard stunts?

Source: Antena 3

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