Thursday, July 9, 2015

She took the stage wearing her skimpy outfit. Everyone loses their minds when she starts moving!

A lot of people are being judged by their appearance not by their abilities. 

This 27-year-old named Emma Haslam, a mother of a 3-year-old took the stage of 'Britain's Got Talent' wearing her skimpy outfit. As soon as she introduced herself, Simon Cowell can't help but wonder what this girl would do.

As she was about to claim the stage, everyone was surprised. This girl then transferred herself to a pole behind her and made breath taking stunts which left the  judges open-mouthed! 

"Pole fitness makes me confident with my body and I'm glad that 'Britain's Got Talent' gave me a chance to show that pole fitness is for everyone, regardless of shape or size." She said. 

With  her mind blowing performance, she received 4 yeses.

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