Thursday, July 9, 2015

Senator Nancy Binay was mistaken as a maid in Father's house. Unbelievable or Embarrassing ?

Everyone has been wondering if Senator Nancy Binay was really mistaken for being a maid inside his father's residence, well, everything's true. The incident was even confirmed by the Senator itself.

How did it happen? Well, the Vice President Jejomar Binay had an early meeting with the Mayors. They came early to grab some breakfast when Senator Nancy Binay, who just woke up came down wearing a simple attire (shorts and T-shirt). 

When Sen. Nancy Binay was on her way to the kitchen to get something to eat, one of the Mayors suddenly spoke and said "Inday, pahingi rin ako ng pagkain." (Inday, kindly bring me food too.)

Instead of being embarrassed with the situation, Nancy just agreed to bring food for him. But then one of the visitors then said that the one he just ordered to give him food was actually Sen. Nancy Binay.

He was so ashamed of what he just did and apologized to Senator Binay immediately. Surprisingly, Nancy Binay didn't even got mad, instead she said that it's alright because they really obey orders from their parents inside their house.

Recently, Senator Nancy Binay confirmed that it really happened. She even said that she's even laughing at herself too because of that incident.

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