Monday, July 6, 2015

Selfish husband wants his money to be buried with him. What the wife did, is definitely incredible!

Growing up, our parents taught us that we can't bring our money when we die, but it seems that this man wanted to prove everyone wrong.

This husband was greedy enough that he even told his wife that when the time comes that they will be burying his body, they should put all his money in the casket. Yes, he worked hard for those monies to pay for their gas and electricity bills. But isn't he being too greedy with his dying wish?

As a Christian, his wife did what he wanted, but of course with a little twist. The wife puts all his money to her account and then wrote a check to his husband, which she then put inside a shoebox that was placed inside the casket.

What the wife did was definitely the most brilliant thing ever!

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