Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This man explored around the world to create the most unique proposal ever!

How far would you go for the sake of love? Well, this man explored the world just to make a unique proposal.

Tomer Algrably and his girlfriend April has been together for four years. They've traveled from one country to another, they transfer from one place to another just to enjoy the view. 

What April didn't know is that Tomer already wants to settle down for good. And that's the reason why he kept on taking videos while they are on a trip.

The videos that were taken from Hong Kong, Thailand, Israel and of course, April's home, the Philippines were combined to make a "movie trailer" entitled 'Where's the ring?'.

April can't help but to be emotional while watching the video, she was more surprised when Tomer came in and formally asked her the question which she responded with a big yes! 

Source: Tomer Algrably

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