Monday, July 20, 2015

This man accidentally cut off his hand. The doctors attached it to his ankle. The reason? Incredible!

Most of the men are really giving their best effort in their job especially if their family depends on them financially. But what would happen to them and to their family if a horrifying incident happened on their work?

This factory worker named Zhou accidentally cut off his right hand with a rotating blade while working. 

The 25-year-old man was immediately brought to the hospital by his co-workers. At a young age, it would life will really be hard for him if he will live with one hand.

But then the head of the microsurgery Dr. Tang Juyu decided to give his hand another chance to be brought back to his arm. They didn't directly attach it to his arm, instead they attached it to his left ankle to borrow a blood supply from the arteries of his leg.

After 30 days, the doctors then transferred his hand back to his arm. The operation was successful, but Mr. Zhou still needs some rehabilitation to regain the function of his hand.

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