Saturday, July 25, 2015

Irresistably cute compilation of Anne Curtis' 'Kuyakoy moves' goes viral!

Netizens had been talking about the viral video of the Showtime host, Anne Curtis! The video shows that even the sexy and beautiful host has her unbelievably cute 'habit.'

This is a compilation of Anne Curtis' videos while doing her cute mannerism called 'kuyakoy.'

It was made by her co-host, Teddy Corpuz. Teddy never failed to miss a single 'kuyakoy' of Anne Curtis. Teddy claims that where ever they are, may they be at the backstage or inside the car, he always film it. 

'Kuyakoy' is an act of involuntarily swinging of legs whenever you are in a comfortable sitting position! 

What's even funnier is whenever Anne finds out that Teddy is filming what she's doing, she always screams! 

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