Friday, July 10, 2015

An incredible journey of a man from being a laborer to a lawyer!

Hard work really pays off in the end. A few years ago, this man named Howard Chan was a simple young college student who's struggling to support his studies. He has various works while studying. He even accepted being a service crew at a fast food restaurant in a mall in Baguio City.

He can still recall how he was bullied and laughed at by the customers and his fellow students.

After 8 years of struggle, he successfully made it to a law school and was also able to pass the board exams which officially made him a lawyer.

Everything wasn't easy for Howard Chan, he has 5 siblings, a mother who worked as a waitress and a father who is a taxi driver. Because of that he was forced to work as a service crew and a house painter while studying. 

What he just did isn't really easy. In fact, saying that what he was experiencing is hard somehow underestimates him. Because what he may be doing is typical but that doesn't mean that it's simple. 

He shared all of his experiences in life. All the ups and downs but one thing caught everyone's attention.

It was really hard for him to work as a painter, call center agent and as a student at the same time, but then another hindrance appeared. 

While he was taking his exams, his father died. So he lost his focus and unfortunately, failed some subjects so she needed to transfer to another law school in Baguio again. 

He can't handle the stress of being a law student and a call center at the same time, so he decided to quit his job and entered an online job that was introduced to him by his friend.

After all he's been through he now recalls all the ups and downs of his life and thought that maybe it's time to give back. 

According to Howard Chan, He still can't believe that he made it, he's now an official lawyer! 

"When I became a lawyer, I just knew that I have to be that kind of lawyer that I admire back in the days when we were struggling. I don’t have to be the smartest or the most prominent. I just want to be one of the most judicious and moral," he said.

Source: Abs-cbn News

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