Saturday, July 4, 2015

Inconsiderate customer intentionally delays food delivery to earn the 200 worth gift certificate!

These days, food chains wanted to give the best service to their customers by giving them an exact number of minutes until the food reach them. Failure to meet the time limit makes the food chain give some gift certificate or discounts to their customers some food chains even give their meals for free if failed to meet the deadline.

But as the owner of the food chain, what would you do if you know that your employee really met the deadline, but the customer did something to make the delivery late?

Photos from of the Facebook posts of the Facebook user named Jay Bee are now making its rounds online. Netizens are now criticizing this user, as well as what he did.

According to his Facebook post, he was able to eat a full meal in Jollibee for only P66 because the food came a minute late. But this man then revealed in his comments that he intentionally held up the driver in his condo's lobby to received the P200 Gift Certificate of Jollibee.

The Ateneo de Manila University Doctor then received several opinions from netizens, some even pitied the driver because the two hundred worth of gift certificate will be deducted in his salary.
He just shrugged off the harsh comments and even said that a policy is a policy.

Hours after screenshots of his Facebook post circulated online, he deactivated his account and reactivated it after a day just to thank all the netizens who said harsh things to him. 

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