Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Heartfelt story of an addicted Clash of Clan player.

A lot of people are being really addicted to playing the mobile game called "C.O.C". A game where you get to protect your own base from other clans. It's okay to play the game but it's not if it already affects your life. Just like this story of an addicted C.O.C player.

A man named Paolo shared his story about playing COC. He is a son of an OFW. His mother works so hard abroad just to give what he wants. One day his mom sent them money, he was able to buy his own android phone. 

"Mom, thanks for the money you sent us. I finally bought an android phone. I can use the internet and chat with you on Facebook. I promise I will study harder!" Paolo told his mom.

He was a sweet and loving son, but then everything changed when he started playing COC. He lost time for his girlfriend, he's not even sleeping and the worst thing is that he stopped going to school.

His mother found out about what he has been doing and scolded him on the phone. Paolo got mad and ignored all the calls of his mother. He ignored all her calls and messages for a month. One night, he received 8 missed calls, because of his pride, he still ignored it.

Until the next day, he received a call from the recruitment agency telling him that his mother is already dead. His mother was abused by the employer.

Paolo then saw the message of his mom on his Facebook account saying that she needs help.

For those who are addicted to mobile games, stop now before things get even worse.

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