Wednesday, July 22, 2015

He wanted to end his life because of severe back pain. What the doctor did really changed his life!

Why is it that people always claim that whenever they feel too much pain they already wanted to die?

This 17-year-old boy named Muntathar Altaii wanted to end his life because of the injury he got after trying to pull out the root of a tree. 

He had a severe back pain and also he can't feel anything in his right leg, he also couldn't stand straight and walk well. 

His parents did everything, they searched everywhere just to find a medical treatment to ease the pain he's feeling, but then they failed. 

This boy then decided to message a doctor from Australia using his Facebook account.

They then flew to Australia to meet the doctor with experience with chiropractors. Slowly, he was getting well. He visits the doctor daily to receive treatment sessions. 

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