Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He confessed that he's been cheating on her GF. How the girl reacted left him crying!

A lot of people are really into making pranks. Most of them claim that they wanted to do pranks just to make fun of their friends. But how would you react if your own prank backfired

This man wanted to make their anniversary the most memorable so he thought of doing a prank to her and tell her that all along he has been cheating on her.

He then entered the room where his girl is, he started acting confused and uncomfortable and told his girl that he has been cheating on her. 

The girl started crying, but then he was surprised when his girl suddenly spoke and told him that she's also cheating on him. 

He was so furious and he couldn't believe what his girl said. She then started jumping on top of their bed which is a sign that everything was just a prank! 

Source: RomanAtWood

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