Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This girl was brought to hospital after swallowing her phone. The reason why, will definitely shock you!

These days, cheating is very common among people who're in a relationship. It's as if cheating is already part of every relationship. But what would you do if your boyfriend suddenly accused you of cheating on him? Will you deny it? Or you would rather tell him the truth?

Well, this woman did the most stupid thing that anyone could do after being accused of cheating on her boyfriend.

The 19-year-old Andrea Andrade was rushed to the hospital for medical treatments after swallowing her phone.

According to the reports, she decided to swallow her phone because her boyfriend, Renato wanted to see what's in it and wanted to find out if she's cheating on him. Instead of giving him the phone, Andrea swallowed it to prevent him from reading the text messages. 

You can clearly see in the X-ray that there's really a mobile phone in her body.

Source: Nairaland

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