Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Filipina Architect built her dream house in 140 square ft. Once you see what's inside, you'll surely lose your mind!

As an average person, you can't deny the fact that you're also dreaming that someday you'll be able to build your own dream house right? 

People often claim that these days, they want everything to be luxurious. They want their house to be big, and their lifestyle to be perfect! 

Meet the Filipina Architect Vina Lustado, she's already staying in the US after she designed her own dream house which only measures a total of 140 square feet or 13 square meters. Quite impossible right?

At first this home will  appear smaller than you imagine, but once you see what's inside, your mind will surely be blown!

Her home has a solar panel for the main source of energy which means that she no longer have to pay for electricity bills! 

Source: HouzzTV

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