Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ella Cruz's dance cover of 'Twerk it Like Miley' goes viral online!

The newest dance craze called 'Twerk it Like Miley' really caught the attention of lots of dancers. Dance covers from different personalities are becoming viral online. One of the most talked about dance cover is Maja Salvador's dance production in ASAP20 wherein she used the song 'Twerk it like Miley'. And now another young actress is being talked about because of her irresistible charm!

Now, everyone's talking about the latest dance video of Ella Cruz. She didn't miss a single beat in the song 'Twerk it like Miley'. 

A lot of people claim that Ella Cruz's dance cover is probably one of the best! She's too young to be doing dance moves like that yet she nailed it!

Netizens who were able to watch her dance moves were really impressed with what she did! Some even requested her to do another dance cover of the latest songs! 

Ella Cruz nailed it! She's truly amazing! You've got to watch this video!

Source: Ella Cruz

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