Friday, July 17, 2015

This desperate woman sleeps with the corpse of her husband for more than a year! Unbelievable!

A lot of people are willing to do anything and everything just to prove their eternal love for their partner. 

This woman from Belguim spent more than a year, sleeping with her lifeless husband that she kept in her apartment. 

She was so desperate to be with her husband forever to the point that she didn't even declared that her husband Marcel is already dead

Marcel passed away at the age of 79 because of an asthma attack. So, as Marcel's wife, she continued to sleep next to the dead body. To make everything possible, she put air fresheners all over the room. 

Everything came to an end when the Land-lord came to her room to claim her payment for her apartment and that's how they found out about  the corpse of the man.

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