Wednesday, July 1, 2015

CCTV of Hospital captured a photo of dying young girl's Guardian Angel

After not responding to the treatments that was given to a 14 year old disable child named Chelsea, her family knew that it would be the last moments that they are going to spend with her. 

Chelsea's mother, Coleen, had already given up the fact of having her daughter do the recovery because Chelsea Banto had been ill with pneumonia and it had caused her so much complications with her disabilities. 

But a miracle happened at the Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the pediatric intensive care unit of the hospital, the nurses as well as the child life specialist witnessed something that eventually turned everything around. 

While the nurse was in his station looking at the CCTV monitor, she notices an image  of a man standing outside of the room where Chelsea was. 

To make sure that she was not wrong with what she saw, she called another nurse. Then they went to call in Colleen. They believed that they are experiencing a miracle so they decided to take a photo but no one could capture the photo. When Colleen grabbed her phone and took a picture of it, it worked. 

Colleen is not sure of what happened but after that incident, Chelsea started her recovery from the sickness that she was in. Everything became better and Colleen owes it to the image of a man with wings who seemed to have guided Chelsea's condition. 

Source: RachFeed

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