Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A CCTV footage showed a mysterious blue cloud! What happened next is truly shocking!

People these days often wants something different, something new and, of course, they want to see something they've never seen before. Videos and photos containing extraordinary things are becoming viral on different social media. Most of them claim that those mysteriously strange noises and lights were made by the extraterrestrials.

Here's another video that will surely make you believe in extraordinary things!

A CCTV footage in the Marathon gasoline station was said to have captured an image of an eerie blue floating cloud  which most of them claim it to be a ghost or an angel.

It was clearly seen in the video how the mass of blue clouds transfer from one place to another as if it was searching for something in a specific place.

It was also shown in the video how the blue cloud floats above a car and suddenly flew away.

This video made some of the non-believers believe! Also, people have various opinions about this footage but the majority say that it may be an angel send to guide everyone!

Source: William Sager

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