Thursday, July 9, 2015

Alleged fake noodles is being sold in the city of Davao

fake noodles in davao city

Recenlty, people had been gushing about the alleged fake rice that are being sold in Davao City. And now another fake product is being distributed and sold in the city of Davao.

The Upper Saloy barangay chairman Gary Gensianos showed the alleged fake 'bihon' that was purchased last July 3 in a public market.

According to some sources, the alleged fake bihon just appears just like the normal bihon and doesn't even has a foul smell. The barangay chairman also claimed that the fake bihon was unusually slimy compared to the regular one.

To confirm the authenticity of the noodles and to find out if it is harmful when eaten, they send sampls of the said product ot the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to undergo some laboratory tests.

But still even if it's not yet confirmed whether it's harmful or not, consumers should still double check the products that they are buying.

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