Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Alarming Compilation of Crimes Caught on CCTV that serves as a warning to everyone !

It's quite alarming that almost every day, news reports are always about thieves hurting their victims just to get what they want.

These are CCTV footages that will show you how cruel thieves nowadays. A video shows an old lady that was about to enter her house when suddenly, a riding in tandem snatched her bag, since her bag was on her shoulders, she was pulled by the motorcycle of the thieves.

Recently, a business woman was shot in the head along a busy street in Quezon City. 

There was also another footage in Quezon City that showed how these thieves suddenly attacked a passerby just to claim all his valuable things. It was also clear in the footage that these thieves are holding a sharp weapon that will surely kill anyone.

These are just some of the crimes that were caught by CCTV cameras, this should serve as a warning to each and everyone out there to take care!
Via ABS-CBN News, GMA News