Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Man complains that his ear was Itchy. What the doctors found will shock you! Creepy!

A creepy video of a man that was allegedly from India was making rounds over the social media. What made him gained the fame is the cricket that was stuck in his inner ear. 

The man seeks the help of the people with a degree in this profession, the doctor. He complained about how itchy his ear has been for the past few days. 

Using a camera that was especially designed to capture the inner parts of the ear, the doctors saw a spiky twig like creature which was the leg of the creepy crawler. It was twitching as if it was not comfortable with the new home that it found. 

The doctors carefully grabbed the insect using a pair of tweezers. They had to make sure that the insect will be pulled out of the ear. 

When the doctors found the chance to pull it, he did. And it showed the true size of the creature which is about 3 inches. The doctors transfer the cricket on to a paper where it was still moving. The cricket seemed to be looking for a safe home to spend the night. It was said that the cricket crawled when the man was in deep slumber. 

The man did not suffer from serious injuries, but it prevented him from hearing clearly. 

Source: Telegraph

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