Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This premature baby was abandoned by her parents. Her story is truly heart breaking

Whenever mothers were asked if they are still willing to accept their child despite their disability, of course, most of them will answer positively and will say that they are going to accept them no matter what.

But unlike any mothers, Mamata Dote abandoned her baby who was born premature and only weighs 800 grams. The infant also appears to be a lot more different than the  usual.

She abandoned her baby because of so much embarrassment. It was then when they found out that the baby has a rare skin disease which  made her look a little wrinkly.

The good thing is that the paternal grandfather of the baby was very much willing to take care of her. Even though he barely have nothing, he still chose to take care of her.

"It's not her fault to have been born different and I will not throw her for her disease." The grandfather said

The grandfather then sought for medical attention about the condition of his granddaughter. He wanted her to receive all the treatments she needed for her to have a good recovery.

God is really good, and the  grandfather proved that after his granddaughter received free medical services from the hospital!

The baby is now in good hands and is taking a rest to completely recover from all the treatments.

Source: Elite Readers

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